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Mr. Satta Matka a part of the history of perfection. It is the oldest and the most renowned name in the world of gambling. It is the only place where the real trust lies for those who daringly risk. We are the forum of the experienced guessers who will never shy away to provide you with the expertise and most reliable guessing results, so that your success rate always touches the clouds. We welcome you to the world of SattaMatka and thank you for your trust in us. Our site is visited most by the people who have an interest in this unique platform of betting. People who diligently engages in SattaMatka, Satta Bazar, KalyanMatka, Rajdhani Day/Night Satta, Time Bazar, Milan Day/Night and Mumbai main.


Once in all our lifetimes, we have dreamt of a day, when we woke up rich. Or to the least there are circumstances in our lives which so desperately make us want to have a money tree. Life is not an easy mission. It throws at us challenges every now and then. It is indeed true that most of our problems can be solved by the money but unfortunately we don’t have it. The kuber’s treasure is so annoyingly missing from all our lives. If I tell you this is not entirely true, will you believe me


Gambling is not a new thing.Satta is the colloquial term for betting. Being living in India it is an integral part of our ancient tradition. Matkais an Earthen pot found almost in every Indian household. It is the part and parcel of drawing the lottery results by picking up random chits from it. As the time passed, there came some changes. Earlier, when it began in the mid 60’s, the gambling happened on the opening and closing rates of the cotton, which was transmitted by the New York stock Exchange to the Bombay cotton stock exchange. Soon this practice fell out of practice and there came imaginary products and finally the cards.

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We function with the utmost professionalism. Our ability to provide you with the live updates ensures you to take the informed decision and not just a wild and weak guess.We roll the dices in our brains and predict with clarity. Keeping you updated is one of our most sort after priority that is why we upgrade the charts and publishes the result of various satta fields way faster than the others. We are totally dedicated to our visitors and we also teach you those “Bhramastra” tricks which will help you to win large.

Reliable services

If you are new in the industry, then absolutely do not worry, you are in the safe hands. It is true that in the world of gamble, the level of uncertainty is very high. We at Satta Matka have your back and ensures you to minimise the risk. We are the only online platform of the Satta market who put the betters first, provides them with the instant results and give them the timely updates.

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Join us for the reliability and for the big money. mrsattamatka.com has the widened user base and our name is well known to the industry. We work for your gains day and night. Our charts are formulated by the speculation of the experts of the Sattamarket. The play of numbers can change your life in no time. If you chose us, we will never disappoint you. Your purchases from us has the assurity and saves you from the hoax in the market. Buy from us for the risk free betting

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CYCLE PATTI are the last two digits of the patti, for example 132, then 32 is the cycle patti.

FARAK – is the difference between the open and closed result.
BERIJ – is the last digit of the sum of the pair.
Life is no less a gamble. All the time in our lives we are taking the huge risk, which is nothing but the required key to us all. if you want to play it in the 143 special zone technique, do visit mrsattamatka.com and maximise your luck in worlds of gamblers.